Timeline of recent events in post-coup attempt Turkey

Turkey has had an eventful few months! It seems as if every day brings more bad news, from coup attempts to rate cuts to human rights abuses. To help keep track of the events so far, I’ve searched through news articles since the coup attempt to make a timeline of all the negative Fundamentals that have conspired to bring the Lira to a new all-time low with respect to the Euro (and every other major currency for that matter). Note, the below gives a summary of the negative events that have occurred, and fails to represent the full situation as it has evolved. For example, the continuous post-coup purges, Erdogan rhetoric, discussion of re-instating the death penalty, etc. I’ve also concentrated only on Turkey and left out EU events or US events that have also had a negative impact on the Lira. I’ll continue to update as more news comes out, and may change the focus from negative news to positive news (or both) if EUR/TRY sentiment shifts.



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