Much ado over North Korea

Once again, the world is on the verge of war in North Korea. Trump has taken a┬ámore belligerent stance than past presidents, sending an aircraft carrier near the Korean Peninsula and stating that a military response wouldn’t be out of the question if North Korea tests another ICBM. China has amassed come 150,000 troops at the Korean border. Korea-US annual military exercises will begin soon, which always gives the North the opportunity to play the victim and threaten to exterminate the capitalist pigs.

Bla bla bla. As usual the situation with NK is oh so much talk and no action. Why? It’s the Cold War all over again. Never have two states with nuclear weapons gone to war. And never was there more reason than during the Cold War. There was the ideological battle. There was the geo-political positioning. There was the bi-polar international power balance, pitting the US against the Soviet Union, with nothing short of world domination at stake. And yet nothing happened except some proxy wars in some disparate small powers. War was too risky for both countries.

And here again we have two nuclear-armed countries butting heads. The odds of either one attacking the other is practically nil. In the end, this “crisis” will be like all the other NK “crises.” Nothing. Still, if we can’t pass the time talking about NK at least once a year, what fun is life, right? Personally, I’m so bored with news about NK that I can hardly take it anymore. It’s all just noise. The reality behind the noise is the same reality that existed 20 years ago when NK didn’t have nukes. If the US didn’t attack NK pre-emptively when it was a belligerent totalitarian without nukes, why in the world would the US attack NK pre-emptively now that it’s a belligerent totalitarian that has nukes?

Please, oh please, make the noise stop.


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